Terms & Conditions:Using this website;

  • These terms and conditions govern the use of and access to all services provided by GlobalMart by use of this site, i.e. globalmartghana.com. By using or accessing this site, you have agreed to all the terms and conditions. In any instant where you don’t agree to the terms and conditions either in part or wholly or in other instances where you do not understand these terms and conditions, you are advised to discontinue all access, use or purchases which would have been made as a result of the use of this site. Failure to read or understand the terms and conditions shall not be an excuse for any damages or claims resulting from this failure.
  • When we say globalmartghana.com, we are referring to the site of GLOBALMART which has been registered and incorporated under the laws of the republic of Ghana. Website addresses may be different for other partnerships, affiliates or subsidiaries which may be entered into or acquired by GlobalMart now or in the future.
  • When we say “We or Our”, that shall be a reference to all activities of GlobalMart.
  • “You or Your” shall be a reference to our clients and customers.
  • When we say, “They”, we are referring to all individuals or groups of persons we assign to you as a result of accessing our service category.
  • When we say terms and conditions, we are referring to all terms and conditions on this site, i.e. globalmart.com.gh and all other updates that may be made in the future not excluding all purchases made by calling customer care or by the use of any of our social media platforms to transact any business with us. Social media here shall be described as, but not limited to; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Products & Services;

  • We do not produce or own any products listed on this site for purchases unless expressly stated.
  • We shall act as an intermediary in finding the best individual or group of persons to serve all clients when it comes to services listed under our service category.
  • You shall not at any point in time, either directly or indirectly engage or reengage any individual or group of persons originally sent to you as a result of accessing our service category whether you engaged them on their first visits or subsequent visits. This also applies if you did not even engage them on their first or subsequent visits.
  • No individual or group of persons sent to you under our service category shall be allowed to undertake other additional assignments not originally applied or booked for.
  • Any product being purchased by use of our various social media platforms shall automatically be redirected to our site for transactions to be completed.

Account Registration;

  • You shall be required to open an account on our site before any purchase can be completed.
  • In instances where you want to make a purchase through any of our social media platforms, you would need to include a phone number where we can call you to conclude the purchase.
  • Only one account is permitted per household.
  • In instances where other categories of registrations are required, you may open an individual account in order to benefit from that new category.
  • By making a purchase, you have consented to the release of any information required by us for opening an account and further managing of such information. These information would only be used to serve you better.
  • You agree to keep your globalmart.com.gh user name and password strictly confidential.
  • You also agree to access your account on a secured device.

Questions and Answer Section;

  • All answers provided to a question on this site shall be considered an extension of the terms and condition.
  • Any question and answer directly or indirectly implied shall be considered an extension of the terms and conditions.

Sales Promotions and Discounts;

  • All sales promotions and discounts offered by globalmartghana.com shall be strictly monitored by us or any 3rd party individual or group of persons we appoint to supervise such a promotions and discounts.
  • Promotions and discounts shall be subject to change, regulated or cancelled without notice to you.

Sales Codes;

  • All sales codes offered by globalmartghana.com shall be strictly monitored by us or any 3rd party individual or group of persons we appoint to supervise such codes.
  • Sales codes shall be subject to change, regulated or cancelled without notice to you.

Limitations to Liabilities;

By using this site, you have agreed to accept liabilities limited to the purchase of your

products and services.

Alcohol Purchase;

  • You would need to be at least 18 years to purchase alcohol from this site.
  • An ID would be required when our delivery executives come to your door step.
  • In instances where we have to make deliveries by postage, other forms of verification would be used.


  • Pricing shall be the sole responsibility of globalmartghana.com
  • We reserve the right to manage, change, regulate or cancel a price of a product or service without notice to you.

Placing an Order;

  • Your orders shall be consistent with all terms and conditions indicated on this site.
  • We have no limits to the orders you make.
  • When we are not comfortable with an order, we may cancel it without reasons given to you.
  • Full payments may be required for some products before delivery is made.
  • Full payments shall be required for orders made outside Accra and Tema.


  • Though cash on delivery is accepted, full payments may be required for some items before delivery is made.
  • Deliveries shall only be made to addresses you provided during registration. In cases where address defers, we may ask the delivery staff to return products to the office while delivery charges would still apply.
  • In cases of alcohol purchases, our delivery team shall not make deliveries of items if we detect you are not at least 18 years of age and delivery charges required for this transaction shall still be demanded.

Health and Beauty;

  • I agree that, any item purchased under the Health and Beauty section shall not be a substitute to any professional advice, from a qualified physician or specialist.
  • We shall not at any point in time advice you on what to buy under the health and Beauty section.
  • I agree that, product description shall not be the bases for buying any product under this category as our knowledge of the product may be limited.


  • Payments for products and services shall only be made through our mobile money platforms through telephone numbers located at checkout or in cases of payment on delivery, it can be made to our delivery staff in cash only.
  • Payments shall be received in Ghana Cedi.

Calls and Emails;

  • I agree globalmartghana.com can send me promotional material, advertisements and other related materials of products and services through my email address or phone number.
  • I agree to receive any purchase notification or other related activities during or after a transaction through my email and/or telephone.

Use of Material;

  • All materials found on globalmartghana.com may be protected by copyright and other laws.
  • The use of this site thus not give you any rights to either use for personal or commercial purposes any information on this site which shall not be limited to images, text, downloads, site design, concepts and other related material.

Submission of Information;

  • You are responsible for all information sent to or provided to us, the use of any mobile money account used in payments for your products and services and any other data transmitted to us by yourself or on your behalf.
  • Any such information and data shall not be our responsibility to verify and therefore your attention and accuracy of such information is required before sending it to us.
  • I agree to be solely responsible if any information in part or in whole is found to be incorrect or fraudulent.

Restriction of Access;

  • We reserve the right to restrict you from the use of our site or to terminate your account at any time without reasons to you.

Applicable Laws and Disputes;

Only the laws of the Republic of Ghana shall apply in all transactions in relation to us

and in instances of disputes, this shall be handled by arbitration only.

I agree to the terms and conditions listed on this site and have fully considered all implications before making any transaction(s). At this point, I choose to continue the use of this site.